Q: Does Health Solutions provide capital to healthcare businesses directly?
A: No! Health Solutions can assist in the procurement of capital and financing through conventional, non-conventional and even private sources however the Client must apply and/or request those funds directly from the resource(s) we provide.
Q: Can Health Solutions write my business plan?
A: Yes! Health Solutions provides both in-house and outsourcing options for complete business plan, presentation and RFP writing services to include plans of action and other collateral materials.
Q: Can Health Solutions provide Merger and Acquisition services?
A: Yes! Health Solutions also provides both in-house and assisted outsourcing options for acquisitions and mergers, on a small, medium and large scale.
Q: Can Health Solutions help me out of a compliance issue with the State or Federal Government?
A: Yes! Our seasoned Team of experts have hands on experience in negotiating favorable terms for our Clients regardless of their situation however we cannot guarantee that we can assist in every situation.
Q: Does Health Solutions provide recruitment services?
A: Yes! Health Solutions can provide both assisted and turnkey recruitment services for any position our Clients have within the healthcare field.
Q: How does the assessment process work?
A: In some cases an initial assessment can be provided by Health Solutions for free while in other cases a retainer will be required and this is based on the intimately personal factors of the Clients business. An assessment can take from 1-10 days depending upon the complexities involved, or maybe longer. We provide a detailed due-diligence report to Clients who allow us to complete an assessment for them.
Q: Why do I need an assessment and if I need one why do I have to pay for it?
A: An assessment clearly defines your businesses immediate, short term and long term needs and provides a generalized to detailed road map for accomplishing your specific needs and/or goals. Our Team of experts who perform assessments that are more detailed than generalizations have to spend time to complete a comprehensive due-diligence report and this requires Health Solutions to be compensated.
Q: Can Health Solutions help me obtain a specific license to operate in the healthcare field of my choice?
A: Possibly! Every case and situation is uniquely different and therefore the requirements to obtain individual licensing can be involved. Not ever candidate qualifies however for those who do Health Solutions can be very effective in helping our Clients obtain the licensing they seek as well as maintain their compliance through the creation of a plan.