You may use our Contact Us page to request a media kit from us that outlines our service categories and other specifics we provide our new and potential Clients for public consumption. We will then mail you a folder media kit for your review.


When our Clients have a need to interact with the public our PR (public relations) Team can facilitate the creation of custom collateral material design like this folder media kit Our Team designed for Progressing Bodies and then facilitate the distribution of materials digitally or in-print to include engagement protocols we set forth based on your individual needs.


In the event that one or more media outlets (i.e. news channels, radio stations, magazine editors, newspapers, etc...) are requesting an interview Health Solutions can provide a Spokesmodel that can follow a pre-planned sharing of information. In addition our Team can coach a member of our Clients Team to perform in a professional, ethical and legal manner. This includes good news and bad news alike so contact us today to learn more.